Nigel Bauer & Associates is a well respected and major trainer of auditors throughout the aviation industry, with courses designed to suit the needs of specific sectors. A significant strength is the willingness to work closely with clients to provide cost effective customised training solutions, drawing on professionals from within the industry to provide a blend of experience and expertise integrated into a Nigel Bauer & Associates training format.

In particular, a full range of training courses has been developed to provide essential management systems and auditor training to meet the specific requirements of EU aviation regulations.

Aviation industry specific training courses are available to meet the needs of Airline Operators, Maintenance Organisations, Training Organisations, Airport Management, Aerospace Design and Manufacturing, Air Traffic Management and Competent Authorities. Courses are based around European Aviation Regulations but are also available in versions to suit other regions being based around ICAO Annexes and SARPS and local aviation regulations.

Nigel Bauer & Associates provides Audit Techniques Training courses as a part of the U.K. CAA International’s (CAAi) public training programme. (see also courses provided in conjunction with Partner Organisations).